RTC Judge search warrant on Rex Cornelio Pepino murder

The PNP  CHPG Unit Leader of the province PLtColAriel Tolorio Huesca led a joint  team of Special Investigative Task Group Pepino armed with a Search Warrant by RTC Br41 Judge Leoncio Bancoro July 15, 4:30 pm,   in search for specified   items which if found,  could have lead to the solution of the murder of  broadcaster Rex Cornelio Pepino,… in the Sibulan  house of one Police Executive Master Sgt Reuel Divinagracia Pinero of the Tourist Police Unit but found none of the items…. Instead they found: A Samsung cellphone A11 blue ; some 131 rounds of 5.56mm bullets confiscated in plain view  incidental to the lawful search. P/ Lt Col  Huesca said no charges are made so long as PEMS Piniero can produce official justification of his possession of the bullets from official sources as PNP officer. This was the content of the official information by the police.