Roel Degamo, dismayed by job reshuffles


NEGROS ORIENTAL – The seeming goodwill between the suspended/dismissed Chief Executive and the current sitting Governor is gradually showing signs that it may be coming apart soon as Gov. Roel Degamo (RRD) expresses dismay by job reshuffles in the provincial capitol.

This after erstwhile Gov. Roel Degamo (RRD), currently under Ombudsman suspension for 90 days until mid-January and also dismissed by the same office even as he appeals the decision, intimidated his dismay over what he describes as an apparent speedy reshuffling of the capitol bureaucracy by sitting gov. Mark Macias.

Doc Mark, who assured he does not “need” but “respects” the job of governor like his late father Emilio, clarified that he is simply put as Chief Executive by the lawful order of the Ombudsman which RRD claims is not final and executory but still under litigation. He (RRD) vowed that he is reclaiming the post thru a TRO or court injunction. Macias, for his part, vowed that if a duly legitimate order pulling him back to Vice Governorship will be served, he will gladly obey without delay. Until such thing comes, Doc Mark remains to function as the Governor of Negros Oriental.

This has not stopped RRD from voicing out his concerns over the recent capitol reshuffling that he alleges is the return of pro-Macias officials who were ”footballed” by RRD to other stale offices. It can be recalled that Doc Mark ordered several government employees to return to their mother units such as the offices of the DSWD social services, engineering, and GSO general services late last year. RRD also said that the suspension of the quarry services has stalled many road projects. In his defense, Doc Mark said he is not stopping the quarries but simply putting back legal procedures which were disregarded by men before him. RRD counters Doc Mark is pressured by favored contractors without naming them. Macias wanted Degamo to name these favored contractors so RRD’s point can be proven. RRD did not.

Meanwhile, the unappropriated (but already spent) intelligence funds of P10 Million are keeping the lines hot at the capitol even as all the issues are now under litigation. COA is ordering the P10 Million returned.