Right sizing the local fisheries

Silliman held a public forum on Thursday, “Right Sizing the Local Fisheries: What Highland-To-Ocean (H2O) Environment And Development Issues are Affecting the Sustainability of Local Fisheries in Southern Negros” held at the Bethel Guest House. This forum to highlight the interrelated concerns that could be locally addressed to secure the future fisheries and protein supply of Negros Island. Invited to attend were south Negros local government executives, SN partners, apex and CSO organizations and media.

Initial results of SN-FRP assessment conducted in various Municipalities/Cities were presented during the event. The discussion covered multi-sector measures that could be done to expand economic and business growth (and the tax base) in the southern Negros corridor, said SN-FRP Team Leader Dr. Ben Malayang.

As a backgrounder, the Philippine Government is implementing the Fish Right Program (FRP) with the United States. The 5-year FRP is being executed by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) on behalf of the Philippines, and by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on behalf of the United State.

The FRP is being implemented in three Marine Key Biodiversity Areas, one of which is Southern Negros (SN). Silliman University, as the focal organization for SN is implementing the FRP in partnership with relevant national and local government agencies and units, fishers’ organizations, industry representatives, and private business and civil society groups. (Photo by Jenny Deciar)