Riding the Waves of Change


Scientists say everything changes constantly. Many individuals and many communities think the old patterns of their existence will work forever. Yet, our communities are in a constant movement. What kind of changes and challenges do we experience in school,  our family, our church, and our jobs?

Either fortunately, or unfortunately ——  change will occur!  It is said we can count on only three things:  death, taxes, and change.

There IS one thing we can control, and that is our attitude and optimism! We can set a positive constructive example to others —— and embrace and deal with change in as positive a way as possible.

When we expect the best ——but are always prepared for the worst —-  it puts us at a more confident position throughout our life. At those times when you face unpleasant tasks or face something you do not want to do —-    ACT enthusiastic and you will BE enthusiastic.

Your confidence in dealing with problems and challenges is contagious. It will help others deal with the difficulties of their lives.