Returnees: THE COVID carriers


It is all over: the renewed surge of COVID19 cases in the Philippines Negros Oriental not exempted, comes from returnees who were falsely or erroneously tested as negative but were really Covid-positive. Here they come with the virus.

In short, until the real effective vaccine comes along, we are all either INCAPABLE of controlling the Covid virus, or, we are simply not taking enough PRECAUTIONS seriously.

In Dumaguete alone, from zero last month to 20 or so cases this month all coming from returnees, fishermen from Palawan, stranded Negrenses, here and abroad, and perhaps downright contaminated ones, are the sources of the virus upsurge here.

As veteran reporters, we know that some people in the IATF are not telling us the true story. They always want to deny that COVID19 is around the corner and they are not telling us for fear of panic. The least our doctors can diagnose is “Covid-likely, or Covid-unlikely,” period. If the patients recover from antibiotics, well and good, if not then sorry…..Covid-likely.

The coming PCR tests are 60% accurate; there is still no vaccine; it’s mostly hit and miss…..

This is not isolated, but nationwide. No one is to blame except those who allow COVID to circulate. Why allow returnees when we know they are the SOURCE of COVID in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental? Who is the wise guy trying to play hero?

Dumaguete per se is not a source. Those who come to Dumaguete from outside ARE THE SOURCE. So MR IATAF, why allow returnees whom we cannot control if they bring and spread the virus? What is the point in opening our borders whose COVID positive entries we cannot control?

In fairness to IATF, they have decreed: no flights, no boats, no buses can enter our province as of now. But we allow affected fishermen from Palwan to enter our shores; we allow documented NegOr returnees from other provinces on sweeper flights; and now our streets are again flooded with people many without masks. Traffic is getting jammed again. Thanks as curfew is still enforced and the 2500 tricycles are not yet allowed to come back. Odds and Even numbers in tricycles are regulated.


…. is all we can do, while the positive ones return, they lie here …. and perhaps die here. The nationwide trend is the rising cases of Covid19 caes. From a low 10thousand now to a whooping P24,000 is indicative of an ucontrolled surge. Why force the issue? In NegOr from zero to 20 cases. What are we trying to prove here?

We urgently recommend either: stricter control measures , or we go back to a more intensified ECQ enhanced community quarantine, —back to colored passes.

Short of this, we are bound to experience another Covid upsurge, God Forbid!