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Christmas has come and gone. We now anticipate the end of 2018 and welcome the start of 2019.  Time does fly so fast — too fast — so we have to cherish every moment or we might just miss it.

Of course, what is a New Year’s celebration without making resolutions, right?  I am reminded of a meme that I saw on my social media feed.  It was that of a person symbolizing 2019 declaring to do things better while on the background were caricatures representing past years giving 2019 a doubtful I’d-like-to-see-you-try stare.  Yes, we often forget forget New Year’s resolutions as days pass but the challenge to stick to them always remains.

Here is the good news. There are success stories if you know where to find them.  I personally know of two.  Allow me to share them.

The first is that of a friend who was on the plus side.  Her resolution was to achieve her ideal weight goal.  She declared it on social media, I remember, on the first week of January 2018.  She documented her journey throughout the year. She did a combination of intermittent fasting and regular exercises.  A couple of days ago, she posted a before and after photo.  Not only did she achieve her ideal weight, she also inspired more women to live a healthier lifestyle.

The second is the story of yet another friend who experienced a really painful break-up early 2018.  Her New Year’s goal was to work on herself, to be a better woman, to be whole again.  We went through it together.  I was her counselor-friend as we would jokingly put it.  We would have a series of coffee dates throughout the year to exchange notes particularly focusing on her progress.  We met again about three or four days before Christmas.  She looked happy, contented with her work and enjoying the single life. Judging from her aura, she had come a long way from a state of utter emotional devastation just months prior.

The fruition of New Year’s resolutions largely depends on our will to achieve them.  There might be days that we would falter, but we should stand up, dust ourselves off, and try again.  That is what makes the New Year so special, at least in my own view.  It gives us a chance to pause, consider, reboot.  It allows us the opportunity to dig deep, to confront our faults and frailties, and to work on them. It is a reminder that while we come with all the limitations of being human, we have been given the gift of forgiveness and a veritable shot at making things right. New Year’s resolutions do not have to be empty promises for as long we commit to fulfill them —— one day at a time.

With that, allow me to share a couple of actionable challenges that we can all strive to achieve together:

  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Abandon harmful habits.
  • Be more generous
  • Develop immunity from distractions.
  • Strengthen our character.
  • Become the best version of ourselves.

Happy New Year, dear reader!