Residents taxed P1-billion by city

For the first time in the history of Dumaguete, collection of taxes has reached P1billion from the P635 million since he assumed as mayor in 2016.

City Treasurer Kristina KC Merced reported that with the one billion peso-mark in its collection, Dumaguete City can already be reclassified as a highly urbanized city. Mayor Felipe Remollo said that he will be working on it to get that distinction.

The city chief executive said Dumaguetenos pay their taxes because they know where their taxes go. The high turnout of taxes from other income of government is on top of the annual IRA or Internal Revenue Allotment. This comes from the share of income taxes paid by the people.

According to the city treasury head, there are four major souces of income gained by the city government. These are:

Business taxes; real estate tax; fees and charges and economic enterprises.

Business taxes come from income percentages of those engaged in business big and small, from single proprietorship to partnerships and corporation, including those who are self-employed;

Real estate taxes come from the quarterly payment of taxes from residential, commercial and even idle lots in the over 60,000 hectares of land comprising the city boundaries;

Fees and charges come from regulatory fees; motorcab fee, garbage fees and the like where the City taxes those using these facilities;

City Economic Enterprises: are income drived from the operation of the central market, the city slaughterhouse, cemeteries and other public places which are used by the private residents.

In short, these city-generated income which has earned P1—billioin since Remollo took over, (P635-million ) the previous administration said the treasurer’s office.