Releasing criminals; recycling hot drugs

Biggest issues of the country now, are the recycling of illegal drugs or shabu mostly by rogue policemen; repacking of these inside many city and provincial jails nationwide, and the release of hard core criminals : all done inside our Philippine jails, from Bilibid to city jails in the provinces.

Their common denominator is that these major crimes are done by people to whom the government and citizens have GIVEN THEIR TRUST AND CONFIDENCE.

In short , these are the highest forms of infidelity of the trust given to law enforcers. Our country’s biggest violators of the law are many of our law enforcers themselves, through not all.

Imagine, the police are accused of killing thousands of poor low-end drug users,and peddlers yet they keep the big ones at large, or they simply are too dumb to arrest the big fishes. Barrels of shabu are lost in the customs bureau.

Most of all, to add insult to injury, there are those rogue policemen who are un-controlled in selling confiscated drugs and re-cycliing them back into the black market!

Then, when the big and medium drug lords and criminal convicts are inside the Bilibid prison, FOR A FEE AND THE RIGHT PRICE and when nobody is looking , they are unceremoniously and secretly released, without the knowledge even of the latest Bureau of Corrections Director ( or his predecessor now senator), nor the Secretary of Justice in whose hands their release is supposed to pass and get approval!


Either they institute fool-proof reforms or just simply close our jails, if not, lock all heinous criminals inside and let them rot. No more GCTA or good conduct hulabaloo.


Segregate all prisoners from Maximum— Medium—Minimum categories, conduct daily values education by the Dep Ed. and religious instructions by any Church.

The budgets of the intelligence funds of PPRD, the education and armed forces discretionary funds are so enormous, these are more than enough to institute reforms in our Penal System.

This is non-negtiable.