Regulate Parking boys


DUMAGUETE CITY – Before they become security threats, the City Council should regulate the operation of hundreds of parking boys in Dumaguete which is now fast becoming called a “parking city.”

Both during peak working hours and happy hours at night, you see long lines of parked vehicles along most of our side streets. Sometimes, they double park especially in smaller less-busy streets.

Dumaguete City has now several descriptive names: city of gentle people, the motorcycle city, the university city; the traffic congested city, the parking city, and most laudably the convention city of the south.

Since we are still dumped into one small downtown area and the City leadership has yet to make REAL and fulfill its promise to decongesting the city’s downtown by opening new economic centers in the outskirts including the transfer of the city hall building, then we must be content with a very crowded “parking city.”

Talking about security threats out of the Parking boys, we might as well train, educate and orient them to become our allies and assets to watch and help guard the streets against criminals lurking in the city undetected.

They can be briefed on the looks and profiles of wanted persons and certainly the Park’e boys are the frontliner in detecting wanted persons and be brought to justice.

The City should accredit them, give them good decent attractive colorful “chalikos”  courtesy of commercial sponsors. — before the criminal groups will hire them to snoop around as prospective vendors of illegal drug trade, pornos and sex gadgets which are now starting to get peddled here.

This ordinance is approved and pending before the provincial board and authored by Kagawads JV Imbo and Joe Arbas.

Each day we learn, they earn around P250. Enough to supplement the family’s meal budget. The sooner we regulate the parking boys, the better for the community.