Amid such a tumultuous period in recent political history, I have decided to reboot this space for it to become a source of more positive feels than anything else. The world needs a huge dose of calm, kindness, and, sanity, quite frankly. Let this space, then, be my contribution to the chaotic Universe.

Why Zephyr?

While on one hand I bid a bittersweet farewell to politically-laced Insight Avenue, on the other, I welcome Zephyr with bright-eyed optimism. What exactly is Zephyr? Zephyr, in its most mundane sense, is the prevailing warm and gentle westerly breeze. However, what the folks from Webster would define as a soft, gentle wind, bears more profundity than what meets the eye. As explained on, Zephyr is a named derived from Zephyros, the Greek god of the west wind. In Greek mythology, Zephyr has three brothers: Boreas, the North Wind; Favonius, the South Wind; and Eurus, the East Wind. Zephyr is the kindest and gentlest among the four sons of Astreus and Dawn. He melted snow and brought warm rain which allowed flowers and trees to flourish.

That is the goal of this space — to be the warm, gentle wind that dares defy the winter that has reached our doorstep. Winter could represent so many things — the toxicity of our current political environment; the paralyzing fear of an uncertain future amid unbridled inflation and the dismantling or our essential democratic culture; this general disdain for due process, opposition, and basic decency. This column seeks to be a timely break from all the negativity and disorder. This will be a space dedicated to articles that will focus on holistic health, on love, kindness, and gentleness. It will be a reflection of the most basic philosophical foundation of stoicism, that is, the development of selfcontrol and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions. We will talk about the strength of the human spirit, the beauty of community, that each one of us comes with this singular worth that we can nurture so we can be more for others since we are already secure with Self. Together, we will build instead of destroy; unite instead of divide; be bigger instead of being petty. This space will strive to inspire and empower, two strong motivators of success that have unfortunately been drowned out by all the noise. This is Zephyr, the soft, gentle breeze that spurs collective progress.

A new beginning

Zephyr will feature persons, places, things, and ideas that will promote optimal body-mind-spirit health. We will delve into the emotional, the spiritual, the aesthetic, the environmental, the physical, the mental, and the psychological. Discord is a parasite that breeds on unhealthy hosts rendered sick not only by physical ailments but by harmful relationships, abusive habits, and a negative mindset. That is what we will endeavor to address — to heal society by focusing on its most basic unit, self. Together, we will explore what the American Holistic Medical Association considers the primary goal of holistic healing — “the perfect balance between emotional, physical, psychological, and environmental factors” with one added aspect, the spiritual.

It is an honor to share this new chapter in our journey, dear reader. As we collectively feel the metaphorical gentle gusts of Zephyr, let us remember the Dalai Lama’s enlightened words, “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” You cannot heal the world until you heal yourself. The healing starts here.