Pulis sa Barangay patrol with Tanods

PNP’s OPLAN SITA is not only meant for im pounding motorcycles but has become yet another tool in catching suspects engaged in drug activities. Ten persons have already been caught in possession of illegal drugs since the PNP started said operation in June of this year.

OPLAN SITA was initially conceived as an anticriminality initiative targeting suspects who use motorcycles to get away from the law. Since its implementation, crime volume has gone down by 45%. Traffic accidents have also decreased.

Yet another initiative is the PULIS SA BARANGAY. In this program, PNP personnel join patrolling barangay tanods. The purpose of this initiative is three-fold. First, it is designed to help build confidence among the tanods; Second, it is meant for police officers to be more familiar with the inner areas of the barangays; and third, it gives opportunities for dialogue between barangay members and the officers.

PNP personnel will render 12-hour duty once a week in designated barangays.