Pulis “pulots-thenics” clean city

Work can be fun! Instead of the regular exercise, the police in Dumaguete would like to make use of its calisthenics days scheduled for Thursdays into a more fun but service-productive undertakings like cleaning the streets of garbage and setting a good example where proper garbage disposal is concerned.

Dumaguete Chief of Police PSupt Jonathan Pineda coined this as “pulots-thenics.” This literally means “pulot” or to pick up plastic, candy wrappers, cigarette butts and other garbage along the road where they are deployed in a particular day.

The idea stemmed after a group of environmentalists paid a visit to the chief of police where discussions centered on what the police can do to help in the cleanliness campaign of the city and on what they can contribute to preserve the environment.

Pineda had offered to utilize at least one day of their calisthenics to pick up garbage along the streets of Dumaguete instead of just playing basketball, running, and other fitness-related activities.

However, due to manpower concerns, “pulots-thenics” will depend on the availability of personnel especially with the forthcoming fiesta celebration.

Pineda said the police is doing this to encourage participation from the barangays, local schools and other organizations who would want to contribute something to maintain the cleanliness of the city.