Procrastination Part Two


How can you  stop procrastinating?

1) Create strategic breaks

Plan a study session with proper breaks, but don’t finish an interesting task before your break. Give yourself a question left unanswered and you will want to come back to it.

2) Set goals and keep them a secret! When some people vocalize their goals, we feel as though we have accomplished something.

Keep your goals to yourself and take steps towards them.

4) Conversely,  another idea is to talk to  three people whom you greatly respect and tell them you are going to finish a certain project or goal.
You have made a commitment and you will finish it!

Incomplete tasks leave one with the fear of negative consequences and often lead to stress.  This can affect sleep, increase anxiety and deteriorate a person’s emotional wellbeing.

With the  easy steps above, you will eliminate procrastination and improve your efficiency.