Prevent crime: ban fully tinted helmets

Why insist on legalizing full faced-covered helmets when records show that most killings are perpetuated by cowards in tandem who cover their faces to commit murder? This was the big question of Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova addressing the people in a special session of the city council.

Dumaguete City Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova lamented what he described as a legislator’s apparent opposition of the city’s resolution seeking the repeal of the national helmet law. Let us amend what is not applicable, Cordova quipped.

In an privilege speech during Wednesday’s regular session (May13), Cordova stressed recent killings in Dumaguete and the province had one thing in common, perpetrators are in full face-tinted helmet, that no matter how advanced the CCTV system, identities of the killers are kept hidden behind those tinted helmets

What should be recommended is the amendment, but not outright repeal of the helmet law. Helmets are good for safety. But it is dangerous to use full-tinted helmets because it will cover the faces of would-be criminals before the       CCTVs of LGUs,

Yet Cordova explained, the SB resolution was for the three members of Congress from Negros Oriental to lobby for the repeal of the national helmet law and allow local government units (LGUs) to legislate their respective helmet ordinances that is fitting and appropriate in their respective jurisdictions, copies of such resolution will be furnished the office of the Speaker of the House and the Senate.

Cordova disclosed the cycle of monologues, dialogues, condemnations, words and speeches are repeated every after shooting incidents when nothing gets done.

He believes regulating the use of helmet is just one of the tools in preserving the peace and order in the city, in helping the police in identifying would be assailants.

The Dumnagete Press Club has also endorsed the regulation or ban of fully tinted helmets because three mediamen were killed in Dumaguete by murderers wearing full-faced tinted helmets. So why tolerate it when this rule can be locally amended and regulated? Continue with the helmet law, but only amend the same by banning  full-faced tinted helmets because it will also blur the vision of the user,  even as  some assassins hit their target using tinted helmets.