Preferential treatment


Make no mistake, the special and preferential treatment given by thy City of Dumaguete on legitimate foreign nationals who retire here is no privilege given so as to exempt them from the equal enforcement of our laws.

In order not to stir the sensitive cultural jealous nature of Filipinos against favoritism and special treatments, let our people be informed that this little big things extended to our expat-retirees is in grateful recognition of the honor and accolade given by the Philippine Retirement Authority to Dumaguete as the “best city to retire in the Philippines 2018.” Next year should be another city.

We Filipinos are a hospitable lot. We have a fiesta mentality. Always feasting out of nothing at all….Graduations, weddings, funerals, birthdays. (hopefully not divorce) In fact they say many Filipinos are over-hospitable that often times we are mis-branded as sip sips and people with colonial mentalities. Yet, there may be many exploiters and fugitives among them. We don’t know. Our government is now tracking their identities courtesy of Interpol. You can be a great help in reporting to the police their bad activities if you notice. Take pictures on your cellphones. Keep your identity.

But on the whole, let these qualities blend with our visitors. We cannot imagine how many of them have left their homes abroad, sold everything, even divorced their spouses, just to live in Dumaguete. That we cannot even do in the reverse.

We cannot imagine the economic gains we get from these retirees: from grocery shopping daily, fuel consumption, labor hiring, building houses, real estate buys and rentals, tourism and travel, By George these run into millions of pesos if not dollars!

So let’s make their stay here comfortable and memorable. But make no mistake, we will give them the full force of the law if they make trouble and disturb our peace.