PPA-City to build Port ticket offices

After personally witnessing the inconvenience of travelers near the city pier, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo is open to allowing the Philippine Ports Authority use of a portion of the property where the City Engineer’s Office to serve as decent ticketing offices for all shipping lines.

Sources from PPA reveal that the almost half a hectare lot can be used for the construction of a passenger holding area and space for ticket booths of all shipping companies operating in Dumaguete City.

Mayor Remollo believes that travelers must be comfortable, safe and secure while buying their tickets and waiting for the trips. There has been a number of complaints about some shipping companies renting spaces outside the pier and unnecessarily inconveniencing the traveling public.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue, if the city wants to make itself a major sports tourism destination in the Visayas.

However, the main condition is for the PPA building to be used exclusively as holding area of passengers and spaces for ticket booths of shipping companies.

Otherwise, the city may have the right to terminate the usufruct agreement and ownership of the building along with all improvement shall automatically belong to the LGU. It will also be proposed that all maintenance costs and rehabilitation in case of damages during natural or man-made calamities will be charged solely to PPA.