Political rivals jointly files COCs tomorrow

Erstwhile political rivals now convenient allies Mayor Remollo and Cong. Sagarbarria have agreed among the city’s barangay captains, to scrap the barangay division of 16:14 and claim they are now 30:30 united “for better or for worse”— till next elections 2025 do them part?

Erstwhile political rivals in the capital city of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental will display a rare scene at the Comelec tomorrow Monday when they all, in expressing a united front will jointly file their certificates of candidacies COCs at the city Comelec office.

Although branded as a sham on the democratic process, in leaving “no room” for other choices for the voters, the newly formed political coalition although a revival of their predecessors’ political strategy, is in response to the uncertainty of the political climate in the country.

One coalition members who declined to be identified cited the fate of both the presidency’s state of health, and the apparent rush to form a federal government, the rush to amend the 1987 Constitution , disregarding the work of the Constitutional Commission, and even the rush to impose peace in Mindanao without lifting the government’s Martial Law, are among the major factors that made local politicians reflect, and consequently decided to cushion the impact of whatever comes in the near future.

“It is better to unite during these uncertain times, rather than contribute to the already chaotic and volatile political situation,” said another coalitionist.

Hand in hand tomorrow will be reelectionist City Mayor Felipe Remollo and Congressman (ex mayor) Manuel Sagarbarria together with all of the 30 barangay captains of the city.

Barangay captains are a crucial sector in a local election. Whoever leads the barangay usually leads in the voting turnout and results.

Remollo has 14 barangay captains while Sagarbarria commands 16 barangay captains. Sagar declared that on the elections of May 13 2019, his flock will support the equity of the encumbent, meaning, no opposition will be fielded against the incumbent city officials. So did Remollo made a similar mutual commitment.

Yet as seen (see related story in this issue) there are already some breakaways who also have their own agenda.

Both Remollo and Sagarbarria said that they will stick to their word of honor in respecting the equity of the incumbent.

It was also expected that their respective councillors where Remollo commands seven while Sagar holds 5 city councillors, they will all go together and file their COC s as a gesture of goodwill and leadership….all they say, for the good of the City.

PROVINCIAL SLATE: the provincial governor and vice governor and three congressmen also said they will not put up opposing candidates under their categories in their respective districts . What usually results will be the emergence of “nuisance” candidates.

It was in the era of the late Gov Dodo Macias that this coalition was also practiced but it did not last long, because formidable independent candidates who also have sufficient funds have started to emerge, thus endangered the “stability” of the incumbents.-

Not covered by the coalition as a “free zone” are the municipalities, board members, and their local legislative positions.