Police blank wall against shootings with no witnesses

Another EJK killing in Guihulngan (July 2019)

The police is feeling the brunt of the public ire, for failure to bring to justice those perpetrators of extrajudicial killings which have become rampant during these months. But the police probers say: how can you prosecute crimes without witnesses? Even as they say, the police have line up persons of interest.

As a result, the spate of unsolved killings has created a climate o fear in the community and a sense of impunity among the perpetrators unless witnesses begin to stand up and cooperate with the authorities.

In his direct appeal, Negros Oriental Police Provincial Director Col. Raul Tacaca is “calling all those who have personal knowledge of the facts and circumstances surrounding the incidents of shooting wherever in the province to once and for all come out and cooperate with our investigators to address the spate of killings in order to bring justice to the families and relatives of the victims.”

It has been observed that cold blooded murders are being committed against a variety of people from the hinterland barangays to the poblacion areas across the province almost with impunity, even in broad day light and in the presence of large number of people, yet, only a very few would have the courage to testify or stand as witness so that justice could be served against those who have been wronged.

Nevertheless, Tacaca remains optimistic that the “peace-loving people will surface to stand their grounds on the issue of shooting incidents perpetuated” by what he described as “blood thirsty criminals” engaged in terroristic acts.

Only recently, two shooting incidents were reported in Barangay Banga of Bayawan City that claimed the life of Geraldo Lopez, who was shot by motorcycle riding suspects. The victim, who was also driving his motorcycle with a companion, died on the spot. Recovered from the victim’s possession was a loaded .22 caliber revolver inside his belt bag.

The next day, Wednesday, Francis Kelly Paculares Aragones, 45, was also ambushed by two motorcycle riding men while on the way home with his mother in Barangay Basak Guihulngan. He fell on his motorcycle and died on the spot.