PNP to get drones, armor, motorbikes

As part of the continuing multi-million investment of the city government to the local police, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo is set to turnover shortly additional brand new equipment to enhance the capacity of law enforcers to prevent and solve crimes.

Mayor Remollo confirms that two military drones, 6 bullet proof vests, 8 body cameras and 6 units of 250cc motorbikes will be donated to PNP Dumaguete headed by Chief-of-Police Supt. Jonathan Pineda beginning next week.

He said that unlike the loss of the previous donation, the 6 bullet proof vests will actually be used by the local police to enhance their protection during anti-crime operations.

The 8 body cameras will also be utilized by the policemen to ensure transparency and that no human rights are being violated during anti-crime and drug buy bust operations.

The two military drones can be deployed to collect intelligence for the authorities, monitor or assess damage during calamities and to provide updates in the traffic situation of the city.

The expected arrival of high speed motorbikes will ensure ideal speed in mobility and quick response of the local police particularly in life and death situations.

As the city positions itself as the best place to retire and the increase of economic activities, Mayor Remollo pledged to continue procuring additional equipment for the local police.