PLDT seeks NORECO’s Ok in CCTV lines

CCTV Lines
CCTV command center in city hall. Representatives of PLDT and the city government have agreed to permanently set up the command center for CCTV inside the city hall compound for easier access and safety of the equipment. The two sides have reconciled the details for the signing of the contract next month. PLDT was represented by (right of photo) Dhan Andrew De Castro, Lucbar Quiblat Jr., Grace Ann Brignas, Sarah Jane Martin, Kathleen Mabborang and Francisco Barrito while Engr. Cesar Cavales, Michael Hatulan, Erasto Crispo and Aldwin Parilla represented the City Government (left of photo).

DUMAGUETE CITY – PLDT, which is the official provider for the CCTV project of Dumaguete City, will negotiate with the management of the Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative II for the free use of their electrical posts so that the CCTV lines and cameras can be mounted safely and strategically.

Impartial observers immediately reacted saying overloading further NORECO 2 posts with modern CCTV lines does not speak well of progress. The City must now embark on a long-range under-ground cable network so as to free the entire City of World War II vintage dangling cables hundreds of which are not being used anymore.

People criticize the heavy-laded NORECO 2 cables which are used by other companies even as this is income for NORECO 2 in rentals. This age-old spiderweb cables dangling in downtown Dumaguete must now be removed under this so-called coalition of forces between Sagarbarria and Remollo.

This means that the two political forces must combine their political prowess and resources to build underground cable networks of electric,telephones and other cable wires that make this city look as antique as its old dangling fire-hazard cables.

In the meantime, both the City Government and PLDT are optimistic that the NORECO management will approve the request to promote the general welfare and increase security. But this will not do good in the long-range due to the need of underground cable network.

NORECO II owns hundreds of concrete poles that energize thousands of households and establishments in the city. Installing the CCTV lines and cameras on the posts would speed up the completion of the project. Many of these NORECO steel posts are not being used. It might as well be utilized to the max.

Officials from the Philippine Long Distance Company and the City Government have finalized the details so that the service provider can go full blast in its civil work for the installation of 330 modern high definition CCTV cameras for the entire city.


Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo also decided that the command center will be located inside the City Hall compound for easy access and high security. Officials from PLDT, the Philippine National Police, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and the Traffic Management Office will conduct ocular inspection on the pre-identified areas where the CCTV lines and cameras will be installed to establish the best angle and orientation of the units that can capture the best footage and photos.

The city is fast becoming the preferred host of major regional, national and international sports tourism events that attracted large and diverse crowds throughout the year. The presence of CCTVs will enhance the monitoring of peace and order situation in the city, boost traffic management and for disaster preparedness and response.

The final contract between PLDT and the city government will be signed possibly next month. PLDT should be able to finish installing all the CCTVs June 2019 based on the contract.


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