Phil Health to cover COVID19: 100%


The government has confirmed that all Filipinos regardless of status, age or  condition, who are admitted to any Hospi-tal, private or public, for any COVID19- or related diseases, are covered  100% of all costs by the  PHIL HEALTH INSURANCE.

Under the new Universal Health Care  law, in its latest amendment, as of April 15, 2020,  regardless of date of admission, all COVID19-related hospitalization including pneumonia, will be fully paid by Phil Health Insurance. Moreover, HOospitals are not required to ask for down payment upon admission because even if the patient is cured or dies God Forbid, Phil Health will cover the entire hospitalization of ALL FILIPINOS regardless of age, status and condition in life.

This means that all Filipinos , especially the poor, should not hesitate to go and get hospital care and admission if they are diagnosed or feel like having symptoms of COVID19 such as fever, cough, colds, difficulty of breathing, and the like  BECAUSE PHIL HEALTH  Insurance under the new Universal Health Care Law will foot all the bills, of COVID19 related cases until this pandemic is over. Most of all, Hospitals are not to refuse poor patients, nor require any cash deposit upon admission, Phil Health Emphasized….When this pandemic is voer,  only then will Phil Health set the necessary conditions. But not until then.


Many are still reported to be doing self-medication and self-quarantine in  their homes because of fear of the huge hospital expense, some say COVID19 costs half a million pesos or even double. It scares people to get hospitalized.

Maybe that is why the figures are not accurate in the Philippines because of poor reportage.  Even barangay officials are seemingly hesitant to report cases because of the prohibitive cost like the ICU units which costs huge thousands of pesos a day for just  the room.  Well, not anymore, because PHIL HEALTH ASSURED THAT IT WILL SHOULDER ALL COVID19-related  hospital         COSTS  of  admissions and hospitalization  up to 100% or all the way, —even if the patient does not live nor recovers Phil Health spokes person Dr Gigi Domingo said.

This was officially announced and confirmed by Phil Health spokesperson Dr Gigi Domingo in a natioinwide    DOH broadcast April l5.

Coverage also includes even those suspected, or probably sick of, or may likely be sick  of COVID19 and are admitted on mere symptoms,  in any hospital and treated as such, even if the test turn out to be negative, the patients concerned are still covered by Phil Health, Dr Domingo replied to questions.

All the Filipino patient has to do is to REGISTER HIMSELF of herself   with Phil Health if he has failed to do so, and still is covered later when the hospital presents the bill, Phil Health will pay, Dr, Domingo said.  Hospitals are not required to secure down payment  from the patient especially if he or she is poor. Hospitals are not to find loopholes on the  Universal Health Care Law so long as the patient is admitted, and treated by the hospital.

Even if the hospital concerned is delinquent on its membership with Phil Health, the government health insurance will still cover the COVID19 patient, or even if the patient is still a covid suspect.

MEANWHILE, the goal is to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” which means that there will be a time when the cases will shoot up speedily until it reaches the peak, and  when solutions, drugs , vaccines and antibodies can be intervened on patients, and the cases will decrease , until the curve will drop and hit midway  up to what is acceptable  levels by the medical world.

Finally, the greatest enemy today is UNCERTAINTY.  While everybody is anxious when  we will get over this pandemic,  we in the Philippines and even in Negros Oriental have not yet reached the peak, much more when the curve starts to level down.  We still do not even have enough testing kits.  All test have yet to be sent to Cebu Vicente Sotto Memorial Hosptial and takes 5 days or more…

Also, at the rate Filipinos are many times complacent, Negros Oriental might still be in great danger of rising cases. The fear of uncertainty is the fear of everybody here.

The least ordinary people, you and I, can do is to  1. Stay at Home 2. Practice social distancing and 3. Practice personal hygiene,  boost ones immune system, and wash your hands with soap and water as  often as you can…this way you stay healthy, and consequently save lives.