People propose: limit Lasti to household folks

NO LASTI (ANGKAS) TO AVOID COVID-19: Angkas prohibition elicits natioinwide protests especially in Dumaguete.

Not only here in Dumagete and the entire province, but there is a nationwide opposition to the imposition of the No-Angkas, or No-Lasti policy on motorcycle,  meaning no back riders  in the interest of Covid pandemic precautions.

The people noted that the trouble with metro manila policy makers is that they cannot feel how important is the motorcycle in the provinces. It is the most popular and the most affordable means of transportation especially for the family….

The no-angkas  or no-backrider policy has its good intentions, that is to distance each other from possible Covid contamination.

But what the policy makers do not know or they pretend not to know is that the angkas of the backrider of most motorycles are family members all who live together in one household , sometimes in one room affair shacks.  They should be exempted.

Example, the fare for tricycles in Dumaguete  has increased.  How can a family of four afford to pay P50 per ride for a tricycle?  You mean P200 per day and P400 back and forth and  the minimum wage here is only P366 per day?  Who is the insensitive policy maker who made this no-angkas policy?

First among others to react is Cong Manuel Sagarbarria, a rich guy but who feels for the poor. Cong Sagar wants to no-angkas policy suspended if not amended because of its non practicability if not insensitivity .

Sagar said this will give more problems than good .  The sooner the  no-angkas policy be scrapped, suspended or amended, the better local policy makers said.

Others who joined the nationwide opposition to no-angkas are Mayor Feliipe Remollo, Gov Degamo the mayors league and of course the tricycle associations.

All say that there will be anarchy in the streets if and when the subsistence family members will have to pay for their tricycle ride instead of using the family motorcycle which is part of their family life.

Imagine only one passenger is now allowed on tricycles of course because of Covid19. But this is an economic blow to the low income and subsistence sectors.

Our compromise suggestions worth two cents is this:

Limit back riders of motorcycles to direct, repeat direct family members, spouse and children only, better still those in the same household.

At the checkpoints, how can you prove your angkas is a  direct family member?  Bring along a picture of your household in your cellphone, better still bring a hard copy along so you can show evidence of your angkas family.

If we spare the spouse ,the  children and  same household members from the no-angkas rule, millions of Filipinos will be happy, at least during these temporary Covid pandemic times…