Party breakaways mar COC filing here

Cong Arnulfo Teves Jr for 3rd district filed his COC last Thursday.

To the surprise of political coalition leaders, some ambitious political figures -–as early as day-one in the COC filing Thursday — managed to breakaway from the equity of the incumbent agreement forged by local leaders, even as they went ahead in filing their own independent certificates of candidacies last Thursday Oct 11 which filing schedule will last for one week.

Congressman Manuel Sagarbarria who publicly announced his party NPC’s coalition with City Mayor Ipe Remollo’s group was heard to have raised his political temper when he learned that his prospective balik-councilor bet and ex-city administrator, William Ablong went ahead on Day-one to be the first to file his certificate of Candidacy for City Mayor of Dumaguete, fighting the incumbent city mayor this May elections.

Mayor Felipe Remollo in his reaction on the violation of the mutual agreement of a coalition for May 2019, said that even then, he will still pursue and commit his word of honor not to put up any opponent to clash with the opposition.

Moreover, another administration- partyman councillor Alan Gel Cordova is reportedly set to breakaway from the REmollo camp, so he can run for city vice mayor against incumbent oppostion City Vice Mayor JJ Esmeña who took over his late father Franklin Esmeña.

But this is not yet official as Cordova has not yet so filed his COC as of Thursday.

Mayor Remollo said that he still respects the break-away of first city councillor Cordova who is running for city vice mayor for the second time. First he lost the city mayorship vs. Sagarbarria before; then the city vice mayorship to… until he won in 2016 as the first city councilor. Now he wants to retake the city vice mayor ship from Esmena.

But Cordova has not yet actually filed his COC for VM bid and aside from loud whispers in city hall corners, he can or may still change his mind and proceed with re-election as city councillor. The last day of filing of certificates of candidacies or COCs will be on October 17.

Remollo told the CHRONICLE of the administration’ councillors’ need to unite so that the master plan of the city will be realized without unnecessary delays in session debates. It is imperative he said, that the administration gets the council majority so that opposition moves can be neutralized thus speed up major policy decision without much obstacle in the legislature.

With the present majority of the city are Councillors Lani Ramon, Joe Ken Arbas, Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Michael Bandal, Tony Remollo taking over Manny ARbon whose term expires on June 30 and SK Chair Danny Tolentino,—and Allan Cordova if he does not break-away, otherwise a new replacement is now being finalized just in case.

With the opposition in the coalition are Councilors Chaco Sagarbarria, Tenchu Perdices, Nelson Patrimonio William Ablong (but who decided to run for mayor ) and LIGA President Diony Amores. Kagawad Islao Alviola said he wants to run for congress.

Cong Sagarbarria who publicly pledged unity with the incumbents lamented that he will have to look for Ablong’s replacement.

Political pundits say that Ablong “may just be planted” to fight Ipe Remollo with enough campaign kitty who knows it might thwart the odds.

That is why Remollo said that whichever way, he will have to hit the ground running from Day-one so as not to loosen his grip on his likely reelection chances.

As of today feedback shows overwhelming support for a Remollo reelection bid——considering Remollo’s impressive track record and investment initiatives outside the normal fund sourcing.

No city mayor since Joe Pro Teves in 1948 has yet surpassed the massive investment influx , tourism and sports exposure for Dumaguete and the tourism boom with increased-flghts to and from Dumaguete, also to Davao and Cagayan and Bohol via Cebu, due to Remollo’s proddings with his known Manila-connections.

Remollo is a Silliman product, a member of SU board of trustees, Ateneo law alumnus, with high connections with classmates who are now in the high counsels of power.

If by some twist of faith Ablong will make it, then he can easily be the obedient front man of his political godfathers, a report which Ablong disputes saying that he is very qualified to be city mayor and boasts of his presidency of renewal movements in the diocese of Dumaguete. He is also a former city vice mayor and city administrator of Cong. Sagarbarria.