Parricide raps vs daughter-killing cop

The Dumaguete City Police is filing parricide charges against its own comrade following an alleged shooting incident involving the father who is a policeman and his daughter who succumbed to a single gunshot wound in the face.

Initial investigations disclosed that PO3 Levi Ege was on duty as radio operator and went home to take his lunch.

Witnesses disclosed that he arrived under the influence of liquor and a verbal altercation was overheard by neighbors. This, however, was denied by the suspect.

Dumaguete acting chief of police Lt. Col. Gregorio Galsim said the suspect’s live-in partner, Anabelle Acebo, was in the comfort room when it happened. She heard her daughter, April May Ege, 22, telling her father twice to put something down (“ibutang na pa”) which was then followed by a burst of gunfire. When Acebo ran out, she found the younger Ege’s body slumped on the floor,  lying on a pool of  her own blood.

In an interview, the suspect said that while inside the room he removed the service firearm, a Glock 17 pistol, from his waist when it accidentally went off, hitting her daughter who was within the vicinity.

He also denied to have quarreled with his live-in partner or his daughter at that time.

Neighbors can attest that the while the suspect and his live-in partner had history of verbal disagreements, he had no enemies in their community in Calindagan. This was confirmed by purok chairman Shirwin Sesican who said that the suspect did not cause any trouble  and was known to be a good father to his children.

The police officer’s youngest son, Lewis, said that it is only when his father is under the influence of liquor when he becomes belligerent. “Magsigi ra na og yawyaw pero dili  manapat,” said Lewis.

PO3 Ege has been   in the police service for more than  23 years. He has five children with her deceased wife. The victim is the fourth child who just graduated in April this year.