Only parents can stop drug menace in the Philippines

Only Parents Can Stop Drug Menace in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES – There is no amount of drug enforcement operation that can stop or eradicate the drug menace in the country, except a united force raised by PARENTS OF DRUG USERS. If the parents cannot stop their children from using drugs, then the problem is hopeless. The enforcers can’t. Let’s face it. No Duterte can stop it, he can just minimize it. PRRD has already admitted that. Only parents can stop drug menace in the country.

Where and how does drug-using start? When parents are absentee from their children’s reach. When parents work so hard 7am up to 8pm and are too exhausted to lambing with their children at night. The children will find other outlets of their need to lambing, video computer games, barkada, and then drugs.

And parents continue to give money to their children because they could not be with them at meal time. Some parents think they can compensate expression of their love by giving the kids all the money “for food” at least. Children then eat lunch and dinner outside with friends. And anything goes after that.

Pushers are just around the corner. Drug trade is easy and big money. A gram of shabu is said to cost P11,000 now. A kilo can earn a million pesos. 21,000 grams confiscated by the Binas PNP watch per his report, means P210-million pesos changed hands here and where did money to buy drugs come from?—the parents of course. A jobless person will surely take the risk of selling drugs because of the big easy money. There you go, this explains why those extrajudicial killings, happen.

So triad could be source among other illegal drugs

There seems to be an emerging pattern on how the illicit and illegal drug trade operates in the country. Basically, its bulk is baked abroad or on board ships at high seas, then transhipped into our wide shorelines, sent via “hook shots” into our local jails for repacking by inmates, and it’s good to go to the market the next day. Simple no?

Those who stand on the way: bribe them or ppfffttt… them.

But this is just our calculated guess based on current Congressional investigations , after the super tube of billions of pesos worth of shabu slipped out of Customs, definitely with the backing of big shots and their faces are now emerging.

Truth is different from evidence. What people believe as true need may not be backed by evidence which is hard to prove. You know there is wind when you feel the breeze.

It is enough that people know, and soon at the right time it will explode in their faces. Like the People Power revolution. We need Divine Intervention…..No president can do or will do a Duterte. It takes a mayorlawyer- prosecutor like him to do it. A Manila boy simply cannot do it.

This illegal drug trade needs big time people. It cannot be run by medium level gangs. Why did a bulk land in Davao in the past? Now it is landing boldly in Manila? Are you too simpleton to “gets” when two and two are put together? No proof. They’re clean.

Just as we have intimated in the past: why can’t people see how millions worth of drugs confiscated in raids be publicly burned when the law requires it (to be burned) once a case is filed? Why are tons of powder are lost, and hundred kilos of it still in the vaults of government enforcers? Sen Drilon and Sen Gordon and Sen Sotto were asking during the hearing last Thursday.

And if the dragon triad is operating, we know that the tiger triad is just close by. And a spider triad. They could also simulate competition but these could just be one and the same group operating.

Again, if parents cant stop their children from using drugs, nobody can. So it is easy to answer: who is to blame?

Really, really THANK GOD if your children are not on drugs. (or you don’t know, or deny what you know.