P7M MRF sure to rise in Camanjac

The Environmental Management Bureau 7 Director William Cunado directed Director Gilbert Gonzales of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources 7 that the former “finds no objection to the plan of Dumaguete City to establish a Material Recovery Facility MRF in Barangay Candau-ay.”

Consequently while the proposed sanitary landfill faces a longer process before getting approval, there is no stopping the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility in Barangay Candau-ay.

Said memorandum became the basis for the city government to proceed with the plan to build an MRF worth P 7 million in the newly bought property where the proposed sanitary landfill will also be established.

While Director Cunado interposes no objection, he reminds the city government to ensure that the “MRF shall receive biodegradable wastes for composting and mixed non-biodegradable wastes for final segregation, re-use and recycling. Provided, that each type of mixed waste is collected form the source and transported to the MRF in separate containers. The resulting residual wastes shall then be transferred to a long term storage or disposal facility or sanitary landfill.”

But unlike the MRF, the site for the landfill will be evaluated if it is suitable for the intended purpose. The evaluation will take into consideration all the inputs of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has said that the responsible agencies will file for an Environment Compliance Certificate or ECC for the proposed landfill, if denied the city government will not insist on building the facility at the proposed site.