P39.5M for disaster mitigation and rehab

DUMAGUETE CITY – Reckoned as 5% of the proposed 2019 annual budget of P 790 million, the city government has allotted P 39.5 million for disaster risk reduction and management programs and initiatives.

Rizal Benatiro, Chief of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, presented four major components of the budget: prevention and mitigation P 7.4 million; preparedness, P 15. 8 million; response, P 2 million and rehabilitation and recovery, P13.1 million.

The city of Dumaguete, situated in a low lying area traversed by two major river systems banica and Ocoy, is considered susceptible to flood and storm surges particularly during heavy downpour caused by typhoons and high tides.

Earlier, The city government cleared a 3 hectare lot near Banilad Bacong for the resettlement of families whose homes were destroyed by Typhoon Sendong in 2011 and those who reside along the river banks. The project will be implemented with the National Housing Authority and Department of Social Welfare and Development Office.

For next year, Mayor Remollo disclosed, P 10.2 million will be appropriated for the construction or rehabilitation of damaged facilities, bridges, shoreline protection, facility for waste disposal management and evacuation centers; purchase of water tank trailer with gas fed tank, assorted rescue equipment, metal haul boat and others.

P16.1 million will be allocated for various types of trainings, workshops, simulation exercises and demonstration for first responders/ rescuers, vulnerable sectors and other stakeholders before, during and after calamities.

P1.9 million shall be earmarked for alternative livelihood relief assistance to victims of disasters, provisions of tents and other temporary shelter facilities, rental of relocation and temporary housing sites, clearing operation, food subsistence and deployment of skilled responders within 7 minutes or less.

Meanwhile, P 10.3 million is automatically allotted for rehabilitation and recovery activities under the 30% quick response fund, which is part of the over-all 5% calamity fund, that can be utilized immediately after a disaster to purchase food and other basic needs of the victims.

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