P235.2M aid to 69k Families in NegOr

Some P235.2 Million in cash assistance to 69,187 families in Negros Oriental’s indigents have been disbursed during the past ten years by the Dept of Social Welfare. Indigents identified were based on DSWD standards.

Some describe the standards with political colors in LGU levels but this was quickly denied by the DSWD.

Of this number 67,579 are enrolled under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps while 1,608 are those under the Unconditional Cash Transfer.

The beneficiaries of 4Ps under the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) are required to enroll their children in schools, get regular health check-ups and join the family development sessions. Compliance to the conditions of 4Ps did not drop below 95% in Negros Oriental.

Proponents of 4Ps claim that under the program there is now 1.5 million less poor Filipinos or an estimated proverty reduction impact of 1.4 percentage points per year; a lower maternal motality in the past five years because more mothers deliver babies in health facilities (7/10 live births); Near universal school enrolment of elementary age children for 4Ps households (98%); Decrease in child labor days (7 dyas less a month for 4Ps households); 333,673 graduated from high school in 2015, 13,400 of which received honors and that 87% of 4Ps parents are now more optimistic about their situation and their children’s futures.

On the other hand, those under UCT directly receive the cash assistance as provided by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law or TRAIN Law to soften the impact of the rising cost of petroleum products with the implementation of the law.

Unlike 4Ps, UCT should include 4.4 housholds, 3 million senior citizens receiving social pensions and 2.6 million households in the list of DSWD but subject to validation.

UCT will be implementd from 2018 to 2020. Each beneficiary is entitled to receive a lump sum of P2,400 in 2018 and P3,600 in 2019 and 2020.

While the 4Ps program is set to stay for a longer period than UCT, at the moment no additional families have been enrolled yet.