Embassies should hold Overseas Filipino Workers duplicate passports

PHILIPPINES – The confiscation or “safekeeping” of passports and other travel documents of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) by their employers mostly in the Middle East is a violation of human rights.  As such this is diplomatically actionable.


Trouble with our DFA officials is they are too naïve  and very insecure  not wanting the displease the  goose that lays our golden egg who lay  billions of dollars in remittances. That is why many of our lowly workers are prone to abuse.


We have our two cents worth of suggestion:  the DFA should make a policy to have an authentic  duplicate copy of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) passports  and valid travel papers  especially domestic helpers abroad so that when their employers abuse them, the OFWs can ran or call the embassy  to report the maltreatment.

Instntly the DFA  will base  the list from  the duplicat passport of OFW on their files,  and  should spring into appropriate legal action.

If the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW )wants to go home because she or he is a victim of abuse, the DFA can immediately retrieve the duplicate passport and send the distressed OFW home.

Funds should be ready and made available, not when unfortunate incidents already happen.

Most of all the DFA must now be sanitized of corrupt people who cuddle with host countries just to gain favors.


This only nees one stroke of the pen by Duterte, who is not a dictator but the  strong man of the Philippines today. This is a man who has political will and is willing to lay down his life for the country.  We don’t need sissy presidents .



It is because our country is tolerating such cheap exodus just to let the jobless get a job.

Not any more this time sir.  Before a DH applies for work abroad, she should graduate basic skills to equip her (mostly ladies) with enough knowledge and expertise so she can demand a higher pay than a domestic helper.


The Filipino DH CULTURE:

It is our culture in this country to do domestic chores. Most  ladies think that it is the same environment in other countries. No maam.

Out there we have hungry human wovles who are out to lustfully devour women because in the Middle East their laws on women are very strict. They cannot abuse their women, so they do it with their domestic helpers.


Then Filipinas are domesticated at home. They sweep floors, clean yards, wash clothes , go to market, cook, and yaya for the kids. These are basic deeds at home in the Philippines.


So they mistaskenly think that it is the same work  abroad– No maam. Your employers are cruel while your papa and house head here are gentle to you.

There they treat you like animals. Here you are treated with love and affection. This is the SHOCK part.


So some of our OFW ladies are just willing to be domestic helpers there thinking that the environment there is the same here. —No maam.

Our DFA needs to warn them of the sad truth and let them sign a waiver if they insist in becoming DH there, knowing the danger already beforehand.


So finally, the DFA embassies and consulates must make it a policy to hold a duplicate of the DH passport and travel papers so that if they wish to go home because of employers’ abuse, they have ready papers  to fly out and return home.

The lessons of the past are too much to bear. Let this be the new policy, otherwise, every misery inflicted upon our DH will be our OWN UN-DOING.


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