Ouster for unqualified DCWD employees?

DUMAGUETE CITY – If the joint venture agreement between the Dumaguete City Water District and MetroPac Water Investment Corporation pushes through, the vast majority of the existing Dumaguete City Water District or DCWD employees may be asked to resign and only those qualified will be re-hired.

Jonet Sanalila, MetroPac Project Manager for the Visayas said that the new Joint Venture Corporation or JVC will take over the operations, rehabilitation, upgrading, maintenance and expansion of existing facilities, thus, it has the option of absorbing existing “qualified” regular DCWD employees or hire new workers, and casuals may “probably” be re-hired while all the Job Order workers will not be absorbed by the new management.

But the City Councilors and Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo note that the JVC, not DCWD, has the sole discretion to determine who among the regular employees will qualify to the positions of the new corporation that is 80% owned by the MetroPac.

Exact provision under the proposal on Employee Incentives (page 18 of the proposal): “JVC will hire “qualified” employees from DCWD. Upon resignation, regular employees will be given an Economic Assis- Ouster… From page 1 tance Incentive equivalent to twice their current salary multiplied by number of years in service. Similarly, casual DCWD employees will also be given an incentive equivalent to 1.5x their current salary multiplied by the number of years in service.” Job Order workers will certainly be terminated. Regular employees will lose their seniority and security of tenure.

Foremost in the minds of the City Council is the future of the DCWD employees especially as it appears that only the people occupying the high positions of General Manager, Board of Directors and other top officials and their relatives not the rank-and-file will be likely retained by the JVC.

The city government hopes that the DCWD employees will mobilize to oppose the proposed joint venture agreement, which has been accepted by the DCWD management and Board of Directors, to save their livelihood.