Only 21 of 105 infa done in 2017-2018

Some Punong Barangays of the city expressed in private and in public their exasperation over the delays in the implementation of infrastructure projects worth P 160, 732, 000 that were approved in 2017 and 2018.

Records show that in 2017 only 14 of the 38 approved projects have been completed; 11 are ongoing while 12 have not yet been started as of the last report.

Meanwhile, in 2018 only 7 of the 67 approved projects were completed; 14 are still ongoing and 46 were not even started yet.

And barangay officials are up in arms because the continued delay of the projects is depriving their constituents the benefits derived from the usage of barangay halls, health and day care centers, concrete roads, drainage canals, water works system, covered courts, service vehicles, among other facilities.

Main reasons for the delay: failure to purchase the lot or site and failure of the City Engineer’s Office to produce the program of works.

City Engineer Edwin Quirit admitted that they lack the manpower or engineers who could focus on making the program of works for the projects in all 30 barangays. His office also handles civil works for city projects.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has advised Engr. Quirit to recommend the hiring of additional engineers who could prepare the necessary documents solely for barangay projects. He also suggested to bid all projects that cost more than P 500, 000 to private contractors to speed up the implementation.

If authorized by the Commission on Audit, Mayor Remollo will also allow the barangays to conduct their own public biddings also with the objective of accelerating the completion of the projects.

The status of the projects earlier endorsed by the full body of the City Development Council was highlighted in Thursday’s meeting as the Punong Barangays, representatives of Civil Society Groups, Congressman Manuel Chiquiting Sagarbarria and Mayor Remollo deliberated and approved an additional P 93.2 million worth of projects to be charged against the 20% development fund of 2019.