One on one with the Chief Justice

It is not as often as once in a blue moon that we get to engage the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in a 44-minute one-on-one conversation which was aired on our radio talk show “CrossTalk” over Bai Radio DYEM fm.

In all these 46 years of mainstream print and radio media practice in community journalism, one can easily glean from our guest if he is enjoying or getting bored with our interview.

In the case of Supreme Court Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin, I noticed that he was enjoying our questions. It is also seldom that a man of his caliber would comment that my questions were worth his time. In which case, we simply felt humbled.

We were chatting with the highest official of the judiciary.Chief Justice Bersamin has 32 years of impressive track record in the judiciairy , ten years of which were spent with the Supreme Court as associate justice.

He penned landmark decisions as ponente in such cases as the Disbursement Acceleraion Program of congressmen or the abolition of the PDAF; he was also ponente in the release of Sen Enrile on bail on his plunder case; and he wrote as ponente the acquittal of then Pres. Arroyo on her plunder case, among other landmark decisions. We have the highest respects for the No. 1 man of the bench.

He loves Dumaguete. In fact he has been here five times, mostly as bar review lecturer from the Judicial Academy of the Philippines.

Last Thursday, he keynoted the national convention of 200 Metropolitan and City Judges of the Philippines at the Bravo Resort. He and the judges of the country were hosted at dinner by City Mayor Ipe Remollo at his Cantil-e residence.