One of suspects in Sestoso murder killed

Philippine National Police provincial director PS/Supt Raul Tacaca has confirmed that one of the suspects in the killing of broadcaster Edmund Sestoso was gunned down late Saturday afternoon in Poblacion Lalibertad.

The victim is identified as Richard Bustamante, also known as “Dondon”, 33 years old, single, resident of Barangay Buenavista, Guihulngan City.

Tacaca said in the complaint sheet for the murderers of Sestoso, Richard Bustamante was included as among the john does, aside from the main suspect who is Rene Bustamante.

To date, the police is facing a blank wall as to the death of Bustamante, even as the police in La Libertad has no idea as to the alleged participation of Dondon Bustamante in the killing of Sestoso.

Investigator on case PO2 Jerome Gargoles disclosed that he himself was surprised as to where the information came from regarding the alleged involvement of Bustamante in the Sestoso murder.

According to the investigator, news about Bustamante being one of the suspects of Sestoso came as a surprise to them and that he has no idea about the same. In lieu of this, he could not respond to querries of the family of Bustamante as to why his name was included in the list of suspects of the Sestoso murder.

Bustamante was on his way to Guihulngan City from the cockpit in Cantupa, La Libertad with a backrider, when unidentified riding in tandem suspects on board Baja motorcycle shot him in close range hitting him in different parts of his body which resulted to his instantaneous death, while the backrider was spared but was injured and brought to a hospital.

Eye witnesses said the suspects are weating full faced helmets and jackets. Recovered from the crime scene included six empty shells for cal. 45 pistol, two cellphones of the victim, among others.

Initial investigations showed that Bustamante is a resident of Barangay Buenavista in Guihulngan City, single, 33 years old and residing at the family residence and has no criminal record.