Not ready to tango


The Department of Labor and Employment  for Negros Oriental announced that now is not yet the time for private industry to return full blast to the old normal…..but yes, gradually under the new normal.

The new normal means the observance of the Dept of Labor’s new directives which allows private industries and offices to abide by the protocols of the modified GCQ which in general is the gradual return to the old income levels of private industries.

Many businesses have lost income, lack supplies, crippled by lack of transportation, most of all, customers have not fully  been allowed  back to the sales counters to buy goods. Media has lost much advertising revenues due to closed and slowed down of businesses.

The DOLE admitted thru labor and employment officer Kendrick  Villaluz that the   DOLE are swamped these days of July with queries  both from employers and employees how to observe work protocols in the new normal.

“DOLE also admitted that not a single industry, meaning private industry has returned to its old  income level.  Most if not every industry is operating at a loss because  labor income has also not returned to normal.

Supplies and materials have not resumed regular shipment. Air cargo service itself today in mid-July still takes two weeks to arrive in what should have been 24 hours only.  Taking the plane with social distancing  makes it a losing proposition to resume regular flights. No one is allowed to travel without  health and covid clearances, otherwise, they cannot cross borders yet.  Every arrival from outside the province has to go on l4-day quarantine even if they have Covid health clearances from DOH.

Most of all there is still no cure for Covid nor any effective and affordable vaccine. The virus could just be hibernating  either in the air or in the bodies of affected yet mostly who are asymptomatic, meaning showing no sign of any illness at all.

Staying home therefore is good for the health but bad for business. That’s just the way it is, in  the new but ,  hopefully temporary  normal.