NORSU at 15: Is ISO certified

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In time for its 15th Charter Anniversary, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) is now International Standard Organization (ISO) certified, President Joel Limson announced Tuesday to about a hundred faculty and deans of the university.

His means that NORSU is now qualified and acquired and envisions itself to be a leading university delivering a world-class education to produce future leaders of society.

Limson received the ISO certificate from ISO Auditor Novalyn Tolentino of GCL International recognizing the university’s adherence to curriculum quality audit aligning its courses to national and international standards.

“This is because we make it our business to be a dynamically relevant university, we adopt and cater to the challenges of the fastgrowing technology, industry, and knowledge to produce globally competitive graduates,” explained Limson.

In his State of the NORSU Address, the president challenged the deans in all campuses to aim for a 100 percent board passing result in all board courses giving back to the university’s support in providing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, electronic books and references, and other technology related exposures for faculty and students.

The university pushes to strengthen its ability to improve instruction and boost faculty qualification, modern equipment being acquired and some 29 faculty scholars have completed their masters and doctorate degrees.

In addition, more than a hundred new faculty items opened and it still accepting best qualified applicants for the other open slots, NORSU sources said.

NORSU has transformed from a woodworking laboratory into Negros Oriental Trade School, which evolved also into East Visayas School of Arts and Trades, then Central Visayas Polytechnic College, and finally became a university.

Limson highlighted some of the university’s achievements on relevant instruction towards quality education, cutting edge research, life alleviating extension activities, and innovative production that may contribute for granting an ISO.

NORSU has now upgraded its medical and dental equipment and buildings with mini-hospitals, set series of environmental activities under its ‘Greening Program’ which include solid waste management policies like adherence to ‘No Plastic Policy’ inside the campus.

Limson also disclosed that the World Health Organization (WHO) awarded NORSU as the first “Smoke Free” campus.

“All these activities prove our ardent support to the preservation of our environment,” he added. (jct/PIA Negros Oriental)