Noreco 2 should explain its electric rate increase

Noreco 2 Electric Rate Increase


DUMAGUETE CITY – Noreco 2: Please explain in layman’s words your electric rate increase and  movement.

You should have so many and  enough personnel who can speak the language of the ordinary consumer. Please make them understand  your basis of electric rate increase.

Better still hold a press conference or a public forum to explain these technical  lingo so that the ordinary consumer may be inlightened  and  learn how to economize and safeguard the use of electricity.

Noreco 2 says:

Here are the power rates for the month of February and the prompt payment discount for the month of January.

The following is the comparative table of rates for the months of January and February with the relative electric rate increase:


Consumer TypeJanuary Rate per kWhFebruary Rate per kWhIncrease

per kWh

Residential Consumers₱9.4656₱9.9742₱0.5086
Low Voltage Consumers₱8.6150₱9.1234₱0.5084
High Voltage Consumers₱6.9458₱7.4921 ₱0.5463


If the cooperative got a discount from NEA then it should also pass on these discounts to the consuemrs who were actually the  ones who paid promptly.

Moreover, the cooperative received the 3.2% Prompt Payment Discount (PPD) given by Green Core Geothermal, Inc. (GCGI) to its clients who pay their power bills promptly.

The table below shows the PPD we got from GCGI:





Amount of PPD

from GCGI (previous


power bill)

Should be pass-on generation charge

per kWh


pass-on generation charge

per kWh



generation charge

per kWh


in generation charge

per month

(100 kWh use)



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