No-sugar lifestyle


While sugar is one of the natural sources of energy, too much of it is bad news for the human body. It can cause chronic illnesses such as diabetes and expedites weight gain. This is the reason why more and more people even celebrities have decided to ditch sweets altogether to pursue a no-sugar lifestyle.

Bad news

Before talking about the essentials of a no-sugar lifestyle, it’s important to understand what diseases we are putting ourselves at risk if we continue unabated sugar consumption. Here are just some of them:

· Heart disease
· Diabetes
· Cancer
· Weight gain
· High blood pressure
· Fatty liver disease
· Obesity
· Chronic inflammation
· Depression
· Expedited aging
· Energy drain
· Cognitive decline
· Dental health concerns
· Kidney problems
· Acne


There are so many things you can enjoy if you quit sugar. These include:

· Lowering risk of developing chronic illnesses and other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and obesity
· Achieving youthful skin
· Staving weight gain off
· Increasing energy
· Reducing anxiety and mood swings
· Regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels
· Lessening cravings
· Saving money


With any significant change to one’s lifestyle, knowing where to begin is the first step. Here are some practical things that you can do if you want to achieve a no-sugar lifestyle.

· Come up with realistic goals. You don’t have to do the shift drastically. Take it slow. Come up with doable goals that will keep you going. Doing it slowly but surely is the key to achieving a successful switch.

· Know your sugar. Sugar can come in different forms. That is why you should know the alternative names for sugar so you can identify them every time you read the label.

· Say no to sugar alternatives. Going for sugar alternatives is similar to cheating. If you want to achieve a no-sugar lifestyle that includes sugar alternatives as well. Apart from having chemicals that might be harmful to the body, these sugar alternatives may increase cravings for sweets making it close to impossible to reach your no-sugar goals.

· Skip the simple carbs. The shift to this new kind of lifestyle can be quite difficult because you will have to quit a lot of stuff. These include candies, chocolates, cakes, rice, even pasta. This is why planning your meals is very important. These sugar-filled foods are easy to access so if you’re hungry making it so easy to revert to your old ways. Being ready with the right food will reduce the chances of going back to an unhealthy, sugar-filled diet.

· Know the foods you CAN eat. A diet rich in whole grains and legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, tofu, and lean meat is the best way to go.

A no-sugar lifestyle is well within reach if you know where to begin. By doing some of these tips, you are charting a healthier and brighter no sugar future for you. Begin your sugar-free journey now!