“No substantial recovery of Marcos votes in Negros Or.”

Pilot recount is finished. But parties asked to comment.


Two Supreme Court Justices who wrote the Sept 9 report on the Robredo-Marcos PILOT VOTES RECOUNT in three provinces namely Negros Oriental, Iloilo and Camarines Sur would have wanted to release its contents to the public.

But both justices lost in the voting in the en banc by 11 out of 13 justices left, who decided to give the report back to the parties and ask for their comments instead.

The dissenters were associate justices Antonio Carpio and Benjamin Caguioa even as they themselves prepared the report.

To quote the Inquirer it said that “insiders said Carpio and Caguioa said that ‘election protest should have been dismissed already because Marcos failed to make a substantial recovery from Roberdo’s votes in the three test provinces of Negros Oriental, Iloilo and Camarines Sur during the two year long vote revision and recount process.”


For the ordinary voter to understand: , during the last two years, there was a recount of all the votes cast in 2016 for vice president in those three pilot or test provinces including our own Negros Oriental. BUT—

But there was no substantial difference in the results of that recount that should tend to favor Bongbong Marcos therefore the recount nationwide should no longer proceed.

But instead of dismissing the Marcos protest, the Supreme Court ordered that both Robredo and Marocs camps should comment on the report , in the interest of justice. OK, so be it. So the protest will go on and probably last for yet another year . In the meantime, Leni Robredo will still as usual be the vice president of the country, a position described as “a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

What does this mean?

It means that in case the incumbent president is unable to function under all those reasons described by law, within his term, Leni Robredo takes over, not Marcos, as others would have wanted desperately.

The victory of the Marcos camp is that the Supreme Court dismissed Robredo’s case seeking to drop the whole protest. NO, the protest will continue until its over.

Marcos is at least happy for this event.

On the other hand, Robredo’s camp feel victorious because they could now show through Justice Caguioa as his ponente reports that Marcos failed to get enough votes in his favor during the initial testrecount in Negros Oriental, Iloilo and CamSur. So why should the protest continue?

So ladies and gentlemen: the show will go on….

Tuloy ang Marcos protesta, and padayun si Robredo as vice president, until proven otherwise.

The wheels of ( Supreme Court) justice really knows how to decide on a win-win situation to assuage political instability and instead promote harmony in the face of adversity. Our hats off to our Supreme Court!