No salary for outgoing barangay officials with liabilities

DUMAGUETE CITY – All outgoing barangay officials will not be able to receive their honoraria and even other benefits such as monetized leave credits, unless they have been cleared from any liabilities during their incumbency.

Covered in this policy are the outgoing Punong Barangays, Kagawads, Barangay Secretaries and Barangay Treasurers who are not yet cleared from money or property accountabilities.

All the monies and items issued to them must be turned over to their successors or new set of officials to get their clearance.

The withholding of their honoraria and other monetary benefits is necessary to motivate them to liquidate their cash advances or return the money and property entrusted to them and that should they fail, their honoraria and monetized leave credits will be used to repay the missing amount or property.

However, in Dumaguete City only about two barangays still have some irregularity in the custody of funds and properties. It was also reported that a Barangay Treasurer allegedly erased all documents and records of transactions of the previous tenure to the detriment of the newly appointed replacement.

City Local Government Operations Officer Aquilina Eltanal warns that should a formal complaint be lodged in the office, the responsible outgoing official can be held administratively and criminally liable for destroying public documents that should have been turned over to the successor.