No hopeless sinner


There is no such thing as a hopeless sinner., or debtor

In the Gospel Luke 16:10 the overdue debtor tried to please his creditor by going through his other debtors and helped get a promissory note of prompt payment even at a discount.

The master was pleased with this overdue debtor who took an initiative to help his master in other ways, like collecting past due accounts from other debtors, for this the master considered him.

The Gospel speaks today of a manager entrusted by his master to care for his property. Though focus is usually given to the enterprising way the clever manager wiggled his way out of his troubles, the parable is a reminder for us of the Christian understanding of stewardship.

God is the source of everything that we have and are. In a telling line from the Gospel, we are reminded, “If you can trust a man in little things, you can also trust him in greater; while anyone who is unjust in a slight matter is also unjust in greater” (Luke 16:10).

Accepting Jesus as our Savior and Lord is the most important thing we need to do. Living this truth as a witness to the Gospel is the second. Paul exhorts Timothy to stand as a living testimony to the power of the Gospel to transform lives. They both experienced this and now it is their duty to give witness to it. 1 Timothy 2:1—