No bad blood despite the splits

DUMAGUETE CITY – There is no bad blood between those who bailed out and those who remained in the political coalition saying that they are simply exercising their democratic rights of running and being voted upon by the people.

Erstwhile allies of the administration team of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo assured Councilor Alan Cordova, who has chosen to go independent, that their friendship will endure despite having taken separate paths.

Amid requests by his allies in the Lupad team including Mayor Remollo, Cordova has decided to launch his bid for the vice-mayorship in the manner by which he started his career in politics: an independent maverick.

His quest for the second highest position in the city is not new for he has already won the post in the past on account of his significant number of followers and impressive credentials.

However, his main rival Vice-mayor Franklin Esmena could not be taken lightly due to the natural advantage of an incumbent and the commitment of the entire slate headed by Mayor Remollo with the backing of 2nd District Congressman to sweep the ballot from mayor down to the 10th councilor.

Impartial observers cautioned against the “Trojan horse” theory wherein a candidate could just be planted by his own volition or by the opposing camp in order to penetrate the territory of the rivals.

Remollo himself faces former City Administrator and Agriculturist William Ablong in the mayoral race, but the incumbent is optimistic that he will be given another mandate to complete all the development projects he has started in his first two-years and half of service. Ablong’s long tenure and experience as “little mayor” may work for or against his bid.

Observers also cautioned that other interested forces might finance Ablong’s candidacy hoping to thwart the reelection bid of Remollo. Another Trojan horse theory being floated.

Thus the coalition theory has just created upon itself a balancing option, giving way to the real democratic process.For his second term, Remollo will fully implement the closure of the dumpsite in Barangay Candau-ay and the subsequent establishment of a central Materials Recovery Facility, sanitary landfill and recycling plant.

Mayor Remollo with the assistance from Cong. Sagarbarria will also proceed with the construction of the two concrete bridges to replace the spillways at the back of Foundation University and near the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

These priority projects, including the completion of the Dumaguete diversion road are the things that brought Mayor Remollo and the camp of Sagarbarria to agree on a unity ticket so that the implementation will not be hampered by petty partisan politics.

Cordova said that while he opted to depart from the Lupad group of Mayor Remollo he continues to be a believer of his vision for the city but he also needed to carve his own path and niche as vice-mayor.

Councilors Joe Kenneth Arbas and Michael Bandal also assured Cordova that while they are committed to seeing Esmena prevail in the vice-mayoral race, they will never engage in black propaganda win the polls on May 2019.

By running as independents to challenge the unity ticket of the administration, Ablong and Cordova manifested their objection to the coalition and decided to leave the groups they are affiliated with to pursue their own political missions.