Nice time to run: 2 sides of coalition

Almost this early, Cong. Manuel Sagarbarria is certain to be re-elected considering that he managed to secure the support of his former rival Erwin Michael Macias (right), who is running under his ticket as Board Member. He also got the support of the leaders of Dumaguete City including (left-right) Councilor Lilani Ramon, former Vice-Mayor Woodrow Maquiling (who will be running for Board Member) former Councilor Antonio “TonyRems” Remollo and Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo.

If you have nothing to do, try running for pub-lic office next time just for the fun of it. After all there are no formidable opposition and at least although how irrelevant some candidates are, they can still get media mileage because again, there simply are no formidable opposition and the media has to get both sides.

The unstable and uncertain situations in the national leadership has certainly trickled down to the LGU level so much so that the wiser and more veteran LGUs opted to form a coalition in order to minimize expenses and at the same time, confident that there are no more national funding for local candidates from the national bets except for a few.

Unlike before when a lot of Locals will file their COCs just to get funding from national candidates. Not anymore because national and social media can reach out to thousands in an instant. Just imagine a laundry woman washing clothes can now watch her favorite soap opera and get the news.

Talking about news, and false news. Actually false news helps educate the people. By being conscious of how to discern the truth or falsity of the news, the public will eventually learn how to exert effort to verify and search for the real news, as distinguished from false news. That is the price of facebook, viber, messenger, instagram and twitter, anybody can say anything anytime there. Time will come when these social media will be like comic books of old. Nobody will take them seriously anymore.

Let’s face it. The coalition in city and provincial politics is only good as the level of governor, city mayor and congressmen. Beyond that is a free zone, meaning, it’s anybody’s game. So the local election will go lively only in the lower level. The higher local positions are already a done deal. As we said in our editorial, coalition is both good for the candidates and honest voters but bad for democracy because there is not much choice. Don’t be surprised if the voters turnout will be extra low because many won’t bother to vote on May 13.

That Sarah Duterte opted not to run for senator (when she could be a sure-winner) indicates that she is not even sure how long his father will hold his presidency. Once Duterte fades away, all his cabinet and military cohorts will also disappear. He could have been a Lee Kwan Yu but he could not control his tongue, his mood, and his temper. Well what can we do if those were not one of the gifts given him from above. But definitely,Duterte will be remembered as perhaps the president with the highest level of political will.

Among the many things only a Duterte can do is to cause the killing of thousands of drug addicts, many drug lords, he fired corrupt high officials, busted the Bilibid drug cartel, passed important laws quickly without much ado, toppled a House speaker in an instant, declared Martial law without arresting a single public dissenter; played ball with Russia and China without getting burned out (yet).