New fare rate is P9; add P1 per kilometer

Tricycle drivers originally wanted a P2.00 in crease in the minimum fare, but the City Council voted to grant half of that or P 1.00 on third and final reading.

However, instead of a .50c for every succeeding kilometer, committee chairman Councilor Alan Cordova made it P 1.00. Students, seniors and PWDs would still enjoy the mandatory 20% discount. Yet in most likelihood, adult passengers will do away with just plain P10. Minimum without asking for the peso change.

If the request was not acted upon by the City Council, there were rumors that some tricycle drivers would hold a strike to insist on the fare hike. Their leaders managed to calm their passion and wait for the process to complete.

The drivers argue that aside from the rising cost of fuel per liter, the prices for spare parts and other basic commodities have also increased dramatically that they are earning way below the minimum wage if you subtract rental of the units.

For now, the threat of strike has probably fizzled out but until the prices of basic needs and fuel do not subside, there is a possibility of yet another request for fare rate increase.

However, even if the official fare rate has been set at P 9.00 still there is no stopping the passengers from paying more than P 10.00 especially if they are satisfied with the service. But if passengers find the drivers disrespectful and discourteous they become less generous and turn into a miser.