New era of assassins in the PH killing field


DUMAGUETE CITY – A new era of assassinations have emerged in the country and has sent not only quivers but chilling effects to possible victims because the assassins of high profile victims are now using snipers with power bullets no longer mano a mano.

The city mayor of Tanawan Batangas in the case of Mayor Halili was the work of professional assassins and an obviously trained sniper at the same time using a rifle with an armalite bullet fired some 76 meters away. But the probers disagree. They say the killer was no sniper, but an amateur, —but none the less hit the bulls eye.

Easily that fatal distance that killed the mayor of Tanawan was likely to be as far as the Silliman ball field from the east to the west side. One military official said that a prospective victim be it a congressman, drug-lord, senator, mayor governor or even the president are no match to a sniper who is hidden and can fire at a great distance and at will. His victim is a virtual sitting duck Well, unless the whole 200 meter radius of the whole soccer field will be cordoned off ,sanitized and secured.

While before they said that nobody is safe anymore, well today it is even wore because one can never be safe anymore from determined snipers. President Durterte may quadruple his tight security but we don’t know how safe can the president be at this new era of assassinations with impunity. After all who is the father of EJKs ? Any guess?

The military and investigators can only trace the bullets and the venue of the crime but they can hardly trace the suspects who now have no faces because they are hidden from a distance.

Well this is of course the necessary consequence of this new normal of extra judicial killings. Done mostly by lawless violators or enforcers of the law. Where hundreds if not thousands were killed mostly by bikers in tandem. Now it could be the job of a lone sniper-assassins. The Marawi city siege was even prolonged because of snipers whom the military could not penetrate. How much more those in helpless communities.

It bolsters the saying that crime does not pay and that violence begets violence, and those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword, so the Holy Bible says.

President Duterte’s anger on his molestors when he was a teenager, is understandable; but it should be directed at pedophiles within the clergy and NOT against the Church. You don’t bomb China if she got your land, or why don’t you?

Better still, as a lawyer, and the most powerful man in the country, he can seek justice by filing a case against his molestors exposed them!—and spare the rest of the Church who by now will not even touch him with a ten foot pole.

I was in the seminary too during those days of the so called quarter storm days of the Marcos era. The rebel priests in our society then were ‘Ed dela Torre and Conrado Balweg and Nick Ruiz in the diocese level. Even Jun Evasco was also in that seminary and became a priest and got out. In Negros, friend Fr Frank Fernandez is still holding on to his principles and we admire the man.

Between Duterte’s army and that of the CPP, many believe that the NPA is more capable of destabilization than the Army destabilizing the rebels. If it were so, insurgency should not have gone this long. Why are they still here until more than 50 years. The answer is self explanatory.

Because the causes of rebellion have not yet been eradicated. Because of our defective system of governance. Simple.

Graft and corruption, double standard of justice, one for the poor, one for the rich; vote buying, electioneering, drug addiction, land grabbing, labor exploitation, too much politics, favoritism, hard to do business, you name it, the Philippines has it.

We hope a benevolent dictator (if we now have one) will be able to stop what other presidents have failed to eradicate. Everything starts and stops with the President as in all other presidents.. Good, and the big difference is, he announces that he is solely responsible for the mistakes under his watch. And he is quick to apologize which no other president has done. Who will judge him, and who will execute judgment is another story.