NegOr ballots for recount in VP race


Some 1, 284 boxes believed to contain the more than 300, 000 ballots cast for Vice-President on May 2016, will be subject to recount by the Presidential Electoral tribunal as part of the protest of former Senator Bongbong Marcos against VP Leni Robredo.

Marcos lost to Robredo by more than 200, 000 votes and his protest alleged irregularities of the votes cast not only in Negros Oriental but also in the two other pilot provinces of Ilo-ilo and Camarines Sur.

In Negros Oriental, Robredo garnered 255, 000 votes against Marcos’ 66,000. But the camp of Marcos believes his votes could be higher. It was learned that the recount of the first two provinces are about to end, hence, the Commission on Elections facilitated the transportation of the ballot boxes from the 25 cities and municipalities of Negros Oriental to Manila.

Marcos alleged there are irregularities and possible cheating of votes considering the very high number of votes garnered by Robredo against him.

And with the recent decision to count only those votes that meet the 50% threshold of shading against the earlier decision of the Comelec of just 25%; both camps would likely see different results in the recount than what was previously tallied as the basis of Robredo’s proclamation.

Lawyers of both Robredo and Marcos are closely monitoring the transportation and safekeeping of the ballot boxes with the Comelec to ensure their integrity and to speed up the recount process with the 2019 midterm elections looming.

Marcos is closely identified with President Rodrigo Duterte while Robredo was the running mate defeated Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas.