Napping and health


DUMAGUETE CITY – Most people slow down in the afternoon. “There is no one single ‘minute’ time point within an individual when you get tired – it is more like a two to three – hour window of time,” says Fred Turek, the director of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology at Northwestern University.

“What you are referring to is what is called ‘post-lunch dip’ – which actually occurs even if you do not eat lunch,” Turek added. Studies have shown a decrease in cognition (thinking) and an increase in fatigue generally occurs in the hours from about midnight to 6.a.m. – but also for almost everyone there is a secondary increase in tiredness from about 1 to 4 in the afternoon.

So take that extra long mid-afternoon break. Your boss should understand that this is just part of our natural alertness/tiredness cycle. Go do something productive like take a nap. In some countries, the smaller stores all close for two hours or more. People that are not too heavy, take a nap, don’t smoke, and drink a little live the longest. (Red wine is said to be the best for your health.)

Also, educated people on the average live longer than non-educated people. So tell your kids to study in school so they can live longer!


World health report on life expectancy

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