Most citizens ignore City “white papers”

Ordinary citizens in Dumaguete have grown tired of the circulation of a series of so-called white papers containing malicious and unfounded accusations against several administration officials and to malign city re-electionists candidates. 

Many Citizens condemned the release and circulation of these white papers by shadowy and cowardly personalities upon the start of the campaign period up to the present as part of black propaganda efforts and frustrated attempts to get the sympathy of the employees and market vendors.

One of the late  edition of these unsigned propaganda materials belittled the efforts to restore the Old Presidencia by the National Museum. Even if  it was clear that the building itself is indeed an important culture property that is important to the public life of the city designed by one of the country’s greatest Architect Juan M. Arellano in 1937.

In fact, several families and institutions have pledged to donate important artifacts and objects of historical importance once the restored building is converted as a national museum. Many will volunteer to display their precious collections of history.

Meanwhile, the conversion of the city quadrangle into a mini-park not only improved the aesthetic value of the frontage by removing the garbage trucks and other motor vehicles but most importantly ensured the safety of the pupils as it is already off limits to public and private vehicles.


There was never any plan to abolish MCH pedicabs to be substituted with e-trikes.City Hall clarified tha there is no motivation for the administration to do this for it never blamed the MCH pedicabs for the traffic congestion since the number units with franchises remains the same as before some twenty years ago. Without a franchise no MCH pedicab will be allowed on the road. But with the natural growth in human population and vehicles, the administration has made it a point to open new road networks and support the Dumaguete diversion road not only to ease traffic congestion but to promote economic growth in the upland barangays.


There city  administration will not demolish the public market even if it needs a massive rehabilitation considering it is more than 30-years old along with the concern on improving sanitation, lack of parking and inadequate drainage system for wastewater.

But the best option on the table is to construct a new market that has all the amenities of a mall in the upland barangay ideally in a location where the Dumaguete diversion road would traverse to attract buyers who would like to shop in bigger, cleaner and air-conditioned facility. The present vendors at the public market will always have the option to transfer to the new location.

When Mayor Remollo assumed office that the Job Order Workers were given a P 50.00 across-the-board daily wage increase after so many years of delay. The 4th tranche salary adjustments for regular employees were implemented as scheduled.

There are some casuals and job order who were granted increase in their daily wage on account of their services in the retrieval operations of treasure hunters in Sibulan, some of whom are residents of Dumaguete City.


This is also the only administration that was able to allocate P 75 million for the construction of two concrete bridges at the back of Foundation University and near the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Awarding of the project to the winning contractors will be announced soon so that actual civil works can start in earnest.

This is the only administration that was able to purchase a lot about 8-hectares for the construction of the Materials Recovery Facility and sanitary landfill before actually closing the dumpsite in Barangay Candau-ay pursuant to the plan submitted and approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The  so-called delay in the construction of bridges and closure of dumpsite is a deception for these very politicians who are trying to unseat the present administration by false accusations could have implemented these projects when they were still in power for nearly 20 years. But they did nothing. And now, it is so convenient for them to ascribe fault to an administration that is barely 3 years old and was still trying at the same time to solve the other problems they left behind in 2016. Besides, the people behind the critics have no credible track record to be proud of, city hall said.