Mooney is bottom line of speakership quest


Don’t look now. But the bottom line of the quest for the speakership of the House of Representatives is money. Of course, the President is making sure that he holds the Lower House in control to shield him from threats of impeachment.

You see, if one president controls the House, no impeachment proceedings can prosper because such political cases like impeachment always is filed before the Lower House and if its justice committee will pass it, then it goes to the Senate where at present the President has no full control. Delicado.

Yet, the President cannot help but allow the sharing of hats because he has so many supporters lest some of them move out to other greener pastures. It is necessary that he holds them through term-sharing.

So if Rep Alan Peter Cayetano is PPRD’s choice, term-sharing it with others will also be beneficial.

Bottom line: whichever way but lose.

Senator Bong Lawrence Go never in his life has thought that he will become a senator of the Republic. But he has. His coming to Dumaguete to visit 600 fire victims of the City High School l4-classroom burning and those of other barrios created an impression of his noble character of servanthood.

For many, Sen Bong Go‘s entry to the senate is not just because he is the “bata bata of Duterte,” but because he deserves it. Why? Because we see in Bong the spirit of servanthood and simplicity. We just hope against hope that he will not grow airs and horns, remain humble and enterprising.

Now we understand why Duterte is loyal to Bong Go and vice versa. It is because Bong Go , because of his humble beginnings, and when Duterte picked him to serve as his right hand man or Man Friday, both were able to journey into the land of service to the downtrodden. This started their never-ending story of service to the poor, and thus, his visit to the poor students of 500 at city high who lost their place of study. And now, not only 14 but 32 classrooms in three buildings will be built at city high courtesy of Bong Go’s effort, PPRD, and the national government.

In our interviews with Bong, never have we sensed the air of power and pride, only simplicity, humility, and acceptance of who he has been and who he is now. Kudos Bong. Please do not change.

DIVORCE IS NOT AN ASSURANCE OF STABILITY: Why does good friend Riza Hontiveros advocate for divorce in the senate? Statistics show that once divorced, the person’s chances of doing another divorce, is 80%. There is no stability once divorced. This seems to be a divine plan. The Lord Himself said:” What God has put together let no man separate.”

Calvin said “ you married before God in the Church, why go to the government just to get divorced? Go back to your Church and ask your minister for advice. What has government got to do with divorce.?” Calvin has a point. If you have to divorce your spouse, go back to your Church and get separated from there if you can make it. Don’t go to the government to settle your marriage. In America, virtually all divorcees are generally more miserable than before. That is why there is so much hatred among men and families in America. Calvin, himself a divorcee, told me in an interview.