Mobile App Against COVID-19

wetrace app

Because test kits are wanting, two patients died apparently of COVID19 indicators but were not accurately diagnosed.

Some test kits have arrived but the supplies could not cope with the persons under  investigation PUIs who need to be swabbed and samples sent to the RITM respiratory institute of terrestrial medicine in Manila.

However there  is hope:

COVID tracer app, developed!

A community tracer application has been developed by a Visayan IT Company to fight spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). “WeTrace” app was developed to help government efforts against COVID-19, said Eddie Ybañez, one of the app developer.

Ybañez said the main purpose of the app is to help the Department of Health (DOH) in contact tracing. “DOH contact tracing is not accurate because it is based on memory. You can easily forget people. Not with this app,” he said.

This can also be used in monitoring Persons Under Monitoring (PUI) and Patients Under Investigation (PUI), placed either under 14-day quarantine or isolation.

By downloading the app, government health workers can easily track PUMs, PUIs, or even COVID-19 positive patients through Global Positioning System (GPS).

Ybañez encourage everyone to download the free app that can be used personally during checkups and by health authorities once needed. One useful feature is the instantaneous logging of travel history of the app user. “This application is for everyone. Especially those who work every day,” Ybañez said.

Developers also assured they would not be getting any personal details from the users. Instead, they would be given a unique ID and QR code that will be presented to the DOH to check app user travel records.

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia has approved the use of the app in province-wide efforts against COVID-19. Police Regional Office – 7 and DOH – 7 has expressed willingness to adopt the application.

Ybañez hope that the app will also be adopted by other Local Government Unit in the Visayas. The app can be downloaded and used for free but the government will pay a minimal fee for the hosting and maintenance of the app. – Ryan J. Sorote

These are the fears of Doctors who are directly facing COVID19 suspects but are making-do of how to treat indicators firstly because there is no effective drug yet for COVID19.

At the same time, doctors cannot also leave the patients just because the swab results have not arrived.

But Negros Oriental hospitals are not exactly full of COVID19 suspects yet, but what is wanting are test kits so they can do the proper diagnosis.