Mining firm doubts NPA burning job

Rebels burn Silica mining equipment in Ayungon. A private mining company was forced to suspend operations after P120 million worth of heavy equipment were torched and destroyed by suspected NPA rebels in the silica quarry site in Barangay Jandalamanon, Ayungon, on new year’s night.

Pilipinas Eco-Friendly Mining Corporation (PEFMC), whose heavy equipment were burned allegedly by the New Peoples Army (NPA) had refused to believe it is the genuine left that is responsible for destroying P120 millions worth of heavy equipment few days ago.

Atty. Joel Obar, legal counsel of PEFMC said the way it was carried out was unusual because his client Mark Yu who owns the company did not receive any letter from the left warning him of any incident which is normally done when the left collect revolutionary tax so it cancels the possibility that it is the genuine left that did it, Obar pointed out.

It could be the work of ordinary criminal elements disguising as NPA rebels for a fee or a purely business rivalry in admitting there’s friction between the small and large scale mining in the municipality.

“Sana itong mga tawo who claimed they are concerned for Negros Oriental should think twice because this is not doing the province any good, it destroys the name of province, the tourism industry, not good for the economy of Ayungon, and so the people will get poor.”

Obar further said if those responsible are concerned for Negros Oriental they should stop this especially if they are politicians. He stressed with the present political system and ongoing legal maneuvers in the municipality, “you could not blame any speculation that it was done because of a business rivalry.” Obar, however, refused to name names in hoping this will not escalate in the future or even during the election.jrg